Experts Agree — Glassdoor Is One of the Most Effective Job Sites On the Market

Looking to score a new job? You’ve come to the right place. According to a recent report by leading global market research firm IDC, Glassdoor is one of the most effective recruiting platforms out there. And this isn’t just good news for the recruiters posting their open jobs here. It’s also a win for the job seekers applying to those positions.

These findings reveal that out of 500 different employers surveyed, recruiters believe Glassdoor is one of the best ways to find the people they need — suggesting that they’ll likely come to Glassdoor more and more for their hiring needs. In fact, about 5,200 different employers have become paying clients of Glassdoor services to ensure that they get their jobs in front of the right candidates (including 40 percent of the Fortune 500).

Part of this is simply because recruiters can find high quality candidates faster and easier on Glassdoor. A leading third-party recruitment agency recently found that it takes employers roughly half as many resumes to find a hire on Glassdoor than with other job sites, so rather than having to thumb through a stack of unqualified or irrelevant CVs, recruiters can make sure that your resume gets the attention it deserves.

In addition to helping you find a job, Glassdoor is the only place where you can get all of the content and tools to help you ensure that the positions you’re applying to are the right fit. With company reviews, salary estimates, interview questions, and blog posts that cover everything from acing an interview to negotiating the salary you deserve, we’re here to help you find a job you love at a company that will treat you right.

Looking for your next opportunity, or just curious to see what’s out there? Check out some of the millions of open positions available today.

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March 02, 2017 at 10:02AM


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