9 Companies as Exciting as Facebook—Hiring Now!

Only about 17,000 people in the world can say they work for Mark Zuckerberg. That’s a really tiny percentage of people when you think about it, and a really lucky group of people. After all, their resumes and job applications beat out thousands of other applicants, and now they’re working on everything from VR at Oculus to connecting developing communities through Internet.org and even painting the cool murals that don the halls and buildings.

However, Facebook isn’t the only exciting company to work for. Nope, it’s got some competition that’s also pushing the envelope in terms of innovation, cool company culture, awesome benefits and top-notch employees.

Sure, it’s not easy to beat the #1 in tech and #2 overall for Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list. However, these fellow Best Places to Work come pretty darn close. Check out 9 companies that are exciting as Facebook and hiring all across the country.

1. Intuit
Company Rating: 4.3
What Makes It So Exciting: Sure they’ve got ping pong tables, giant bean bag chairs and foosball, but what really makes Intuit exciting is the smart people and humble leadership. Employees enjoy about the generous vacation policies, fitness incentives, subsidized child care, company social events and even the pets that are like part of the family in the Mountain View offices.
What Employees Rave About: “Great set of people (smart, funny, caring), solid business and millions of customers (which means bonuses and profit sharing every year), great culture (non-political, nurturing, integrity values), fantastic CEO, perks and benefits (gym, conference, reimbursement for classes, etc.).” —Current Software Architect in San Diego, CA

See Open Jobs at Intuit

2. Zillow
Company Rating:
What Makes It So Exciting: With a strong focus on work-life balance, Zillow isn’t only the place that allows people to find a home, but it’s also the place that allows employees to actually spend time in theirs. With unlimited PTO, flexible hours, family leave and amazing benefits, Zillow team members love coming to work to collaborate on big ideas and even bigger solutions.
What Employees Rave About: “When you give your very best you to Zillow, they give their best right back at you. The management team listens and pays close attention to what you have to offer, to see how they can help provide support and encouragement, to grow within the company. The doors are always open! Everyone works hard to collaborate on building the best user experience that we can but we also taking time out to play a few rounds of ping-pong or grab a free snack (fruit, chips, pretzels, carrots, hard boiled eggs, hummus, jelly beans, mini-candy bars, the you-name-it it’s-on-the-candy-wall candy, nuts, trail mix, yes..Zillow provides all of that…everyday!). Our office fosters creativity and brain space with so many relaxing rooms/window seats/kitchens/libraries to work, take a break, or just enjoy the amazing views!” —Current Software Engineer in Seattle, WA

See Open Jobs at Zillow

3. Trader Joe’s
Company Rating: 4.0
What Makes It So Exciting: As grocery chains go, Trader Joe’s is at the top. The fun and friendly tropical environment is only made better by the culture of collaboration, professional development and value for customers.
What Employees Rave About: “Amazing health benefits that are affordable (including free dental and vision for full-timers), good retirement plan, free gym membership, discount on my monthly phone bill, 24 hour crisis hotline with 5 free therapy sessions, 10% off groceries, awesome staff, tattoo/piercing/funky hair color friendly, opportunity to earn a raise every 6 months, fun work environment, flexible hours, great staff, job security, and you get to taste test almost anything in the store.” —Current Crew Member in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

See Open Jobs at Trader Joe’s

open space to collaborate at the office

4. Airbnb
Company Rating: 4.0
What Makes It So Exciting: Want to transform the travel industry and get your passport stamped along the way? Airbnb is the place to do it. With outposts in Beijing, Milan, Paris, Berlin and the Bay Area, employees have a tough time trying to decide where to use their annual travel credit. Plus, they offer paid volunteer time, free healthy food 24/7, happy hours and your birthday off.
What Employees Rave About: “Overall, Airbnb is a great place to work. People are smart, enthusiastic, and passionate about the company. I look forward to going to the office. Can feel good about the product. Hosting/traveling on Airbnb has had a huge impact on millions of people. The company can move fast (sometimes too fast), but the results speak for themselves. The executive team is impressive and all are visionary in their own ways. It’s always inspiring to hear them speak/present.” —Current Employee in San Francisco, CA

See Open Jobs at Airbnb

5. Johnson & Johnson
Company Rating: 4.1
What Makes It So Exciting: Johnson & Johnson is responsible for many of the medical supplies and equipment we depend on for everyday life. Internally, they are committed to hiring military vets, paying for equal work and experience, helping employees “upskill” to higher-paying positions and hiring a diverse workforce.
What Employees Rave About: “Great work/life balance. The culture of the company attracts driven, smart, and social type of person. Fascinating and rewarding industry, everyone’s job is ultimately to improve the lives of patients/healthcare product consumers.” —Current Employee

See Open Jobs at Johnson & Johnson

6. EverFi
Company Rating: 4.8
What Makes It So Exciting: EverFi is the leading education technology company focused on teaching, assessing, badging, and certifying students in critical skills. From STEM readiness to financial education and health & wellness training, the company is the learning aid of the future.
What Employees Rave About: “EverFi’s company culture is unique and cannot find it anywhere else. Company gatherings on an annual and sometimes bi-annual basis is a great way to connect with new and old colleagues working towards helping communities and schools reach more folks regarding topics of financial literacy, health and wellness, and much more! The unlimited paid time off is also a great perk!” —Former Schools Manager in Washington, DC

See Open Jobs at EverFi

asana office

7. Asana
Company Rating: 5.0
What Makes It So Exciting:  Not only is the collaboration software company actually a collaborative place to work, it is competitive when it comes to benefits, work-life balance, and perks like on-site yoga, untracked PTO, 12-weeks parental leave, monthly rideshare perks, as well as executive & life coaching.
What Employees Rave About: “When I was younger, I was more abrasive – being right was more important than being kind. I’ve been at Asana for 3+ years now and I think it’s been the biggest growth opportunity of my life – being surrounded by people who are so smart they’d be intimidating, but they’re incredibly nice, helpful and humble? That rubs off on you. You realize that teams genuinely work better when they trust each other to be kind. And it doesn’t mean you can’t be 100% honest – I’ve had co-workers give me incredibly constructive feedback, but if they hadn’t been as empathetic I probably would have gotten defensive, rather than really learned from it. I could go on – about the mission, about the food, about the distributed responsibility system – but I think that for me the one more salient factor is a culture that doesn’t just pay lip service to kindness and empathy, but practices it, trains it, hones it. And if studies about the effects of psychological safety on teamwork are to be believed, it might just be our secret weapon.” —Current Software Developer in San Francisco, CA

See Open Jobs at Asana

8. Classy
Company Rating: 4.5
What Makes It So Exciting: Classy is an online fundraising platform built for innovative and groundbreaking nonprofits across the globe. Teammembers love mixing their passions for technology and social good, in addition to half-day Fridays, professional development training, volunteer time off and frequent team outings.
What Employees Rave About: “Classy is a family. I’ve worked here for two years, and the group of people working here push you every day. Everyone has a unique story behind them, whether it’s starting a nonprofit in their past, being actively involved in in social/economic issues locally, doing some sport or hobby, etc.. Top leadership is both encouraging and open to meeting one-on-one with any employee, which I highly recommend.” —Current API Support in San Diego, CA

See Open Jobs at Classy

9. Sprout Social
Company Rating: 4.8
What Makes It So Exciting: Sprout Social develops and delivers social media engagement, advocacy and analytics solutions for leading agencies and brands. The Chicago-based company is the perfect place to grow and learn, and bike ride! Employees love the bonus perk of free Divvy bike memberships.
What Employees Rave About: “Despite growth in company size, Sprout has always looked out for its employees – great benefits and events, solid career growth opportunities, incredible coworkers. You are treated as an adult and trusted to do your work. I can’t say enough good things about the managers, directors, VPs, and C-level folks. They understand the importance of transparency in an organization and will keep their teams updated on road map items and any upcoming changes. They are approachable and care about you as an employee. You have a voice here – your personality, skill set, and opinions are celebrated at Sprout. The team is encouraged to speak up. Sprout Social is a product that is making a difference in how a business and their customers communicate. Feels good to know that we are building, marketing, and selling a tool that is HELPING people.” —Current Employee in Chicago, IL

See Open Jobs at Sprout Social


Editor’s Note: The companies and jobs highlighted in this article are curated by the editorial staff, listed in no particular order, and do not necessarily reflect the official methodology of Glassdoor’s official awards or honors. For more details about how companies and specific roles are considered for editorial coverage, please visit Glassdoor for Employers.

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