Intel Achieves Equal Pay for Women and Minorities (and They’re Hiring!)

At most tech companies, the adjusted gender pay gap is around 5.9 percent. Although the figure may seem small, it tends to add up and compound over time, something that can translate into tens — or even hundreds — of thousands of dollars in lost wages throughout a career. One company, however, has been able to close that gap completely — and not just for women. Intel announced in their 2016 diversity report on Tuesday that they have achieved 100 percent equal pay for all U.S.-based women and underrepresented minorities at the company, reports Fortune.

Although it doesn’t mean everyone at the company makes the exact same salary, it does mean Intel offers equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender or race. Given the obstacles women and underrepresented minorities face when it comes to achieving equal pay — like implicit bias, family obligations and negotiation processes that work against them — this is a significant step forward. The company has also achieved 100 percent promotion parity, a move that helps counter the widely reported glass ceiling effect in which women and underrepresented minorities struggle to break into senior roles.

Diversity is often something that many companies strive for, but few truly succeed in. So what’s Intel’s key to success? No big surprise, — just analyzing data and then “strategically work[ing] to close any identified gaps on an ongoing basis”. The difference may lie in the degree to which the company prioritizes diversity and inclusion initiatives. “If your mandate is not coming from senior leadership[…] your ability to create a truly diverse staff and an inclusive culture plummets,” says Nicole Sanchez, VP of Social Impact at GitHub.

In any case, kudos to Intel! Something tells us that after this news, their many available positions won’t be open for long, so get your applications in now.

Available Jobs at Intel

IP Logic Design Engineer

Hudson, MA

22 days ago


ADAS Senior Application Engineer

Santa Clara, CA

25 days ago

Design Enablement Engineer

Austin, TX

11 days ago

13 days ago

13 days ago

LTE Protocol Software Engineer

Hillsboro, OR

21 days ago

March 01, 2017 at 02:40PM


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