The Coolest Companies In NYC Hiring Right Now

“In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of — there’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in New York, these streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you.”

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys were right when they penned those lyrics for their hit song “Empire State of Mind”. There’s no city quite like New York. Uptown to Downtown, Brooklyn to the Bronx, Staten Island to Queens, the boroughs are filled with hard working people chasing their dreams.

That includes chasing dream jobs. With about 250,000 open jobs and a median pay of $60,322, the Big Apple pays big bucks and is home to some of the biggest companies in the country. Several of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work winners are hiring in NYC and across the Hudson River in NJ.

Ready for a new adventure? Consider a new gig in the Empire state.

1. Greenhouse
Company Rating: 5.0
Hiring For: Director of Sales Development, Director of Business Development, and Sales Development Representative
What Employees Say: “Greenhouse is hands down the best company I have ever worked for and truly embodies everything I would want in a company. The people here are not only fun, welcoming, helpful, and team oriented- but are also extremely bright individuals who have an understanding of both independent and team/company success. Everyone encourages each other to be the best employee you can be. Our CEO is amazing and trustworthy. I have never experienced a company with so much transparency, collaboration, and where my voice actually matters. It’s also a fun, vibrant work environment where there is a great understanding of work-life balance.” —Current Sales Development Representative

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2. XO Group
Company Rating: 3.8
Hiring For: Style & Planning Editor, Office and Operations Associate, Summer Interns, Software Engineer, Account Specialist and more.
What Employees Say: “Very strong executive suite. This team is top of their field in product, engineering, and business. “Flat” culture that welcomes input from anywhere.
Strong investment in product and engineering makes it a product-centric organization. The company is very dedicated to change and transformation which means we are always challenged, and always looking forward.” —Current Product Manger

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3. Loews Hotels
Company Rating: 3.8
Hiring For: Assistant VIP Manager, Area Director of Public Relations, Food and Beverage Manager, Assistant Housekeeping Manager, Digital Field Marketing Manager, Administrative Assistant and more.
What Employees Say: “Loews Hotels Team Members are the best in the business. They are some of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet. The company understands the value of its people and tries its best to honor this commitment. Yes, the hospitality world can be crazy and chaotic at times, but knowing that you’re surrounded by such a fantastic team makes the hard days a bit easier.” —Current Employee

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4. Nespresso USA
Company Rating: 3.4
Hiring For: Corporate Controller, CRM Analyst, Retail Sales Associate, Ecommerce Analyst, Barista, B2B Trade Marketing Manager, Procurement Manager, Assistant Brand Manager and more.
What Employees Say: “Highly challenging and rewarding job that pushes you to learn how to adapt and change in an ever evolving environment. Pay, benefits, bonuses. Feels like you run your own business, you are encouraged to impact change and you are heard by upper management.” —Current District Manager

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5. Homeserve USA
Company Rating: 3.3
Hiring For: HVAC Mechanic, Parts Administrator, Financial Analyst, Director of Business Development, HVAC Install Technician, Desktop Support Analyst, UX Visual Designer and more.
What Employees Say: “I am an employee at HomeServe USA for 7 months. I have worked in many call centers and see a tremendous difference in the culture of this company. I find all the people I meet, willing to offer help and see an overall positive feeling amongst employees. I have had issues I needed to bring forth to management and was pleasantly surprised; I not only had a very positive and friendly encounter, but felt my concerns were not only heard, but were addressed in a very timely manner. The culture of the company is positive and makes it a pleasant place to work for. I see many opportunities for growth in the company, and have seen some of my teammates from training already moved on to promotions. This is a company which looks for the best, and makes sure they acknowledge accomplishments. This is a great company in [which] one can grow and excel.” —Current Customer Service Representative

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6. Contently
Company Rating: 4.3
Hiring For: Account Manager, Controller, Customer Success Representative Ruby Developer, Content Services Intern, UX Designer, Events Marketing Manager and more.
What Employees Say: “Great people to work with, wonderful and accessible founders/executives, great culture. Maybe the best work experience I have ever had so far. About the work itself: interesting technical stack, very good quality and development processes; pair-programming, CI, knowledge sharing… Annual budget for learning/education expenses. Lots of transparency about the company’s strategy and goals short/mid/long term.” —Current Senior Developer

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7. BlackRock
Company Rating: 3.6
Hiring For: Senior Recruiter Corporate Operations Group, Aladdin Business Relationship Manager, Strategy Associate, Business Manager, Alternative Solutions Associate, RFP Associate, Software Developer and more.
What Employees Say: “The company really encourages teamwork, collaboration. It invites new ideas and wants you to challenge the status quo. You are encouraged to innovate and follow your ideas through. The Founding leaders continue to grow and foster the company culture, by staying close to all levels, company events, and philanthropic initiatives. You work with smart people, who care about what you do. Managers are invested in your success but also encourage you to find the right balance.” —Current Employee

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8. Jet
Company Rating: 4.0
Hiring For: Big Data Engineer, Senior UX/UI Designer, Senior Pricing Analyst, Application Security Engineer, Technical Product Manager, VP of Marketing, Technical Recruiter, Associate of Partner Operations, Software Engineer and more.
What Employees Say: “Quickly becoming one of the best tech workplaces in the NYC area. Expanding quickly. A few months ago the team only occupied one floor. Now we have added two additional floors with no signs of slowing down. From the feel of things, it seems like Jet is running the show when it comes to what e-commerce looks like at Wal-Mart, which is great. There is continuous collaboration between Jet and it’s parent company. It’s clear that Jet has much more money to throw around from the acquisition, and can pay above market salaries for the best talent. Technology stack is current, with Angular, React, F#, etc.” —Current Software Engineer

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9. American Express
Company Rating:
Hiring For: Full Stack Engineer, Immigration Paralegal, Manager of Risk Management, Senior Manager of Cross Channel Strategy, Business Development Consultant, Director Assistant, Senior Analyst and more.
What Employees Say: “Sales positions are virtual (work from home). Company gives a small stipend to pay for home office set up in ADDITION to giving you computer, printer, etc. The job is a blast and most clients are excited to be working with AMEX. The company has a terrific reputation. Most people I know have been in their sales roles for years and make a KILLING while loving their work. There may be high turnover in some of the call center roles and such, but everyone fortunate enough to be with AMEX in a sales role seems to understand that this is the absolute cream of the crop as far as sales jobs go.” —Current Business Development Consultant

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