11 High-Paying Jobs That Are Good for Your Love Life

If you’re looking to rev up your love life, a career change might not be the first step you think to take. The stress, long hours and monotony that come with some jobs aren’t particularly conducive to relationships. But if you find the right job, not only will those challenges not apply — you’ll also increase your odds of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Whether due to their great work-life balance, reputation, skill set or subject matter expertise, these following 11 jobs may actively improve your love life. And if that weren’t enough, the pay isn’t too shabby either.

Want your love life to go from zero to 60 ASAP, all while bringing home an impressive paycheck? Check out (and apply to!) the jobs below.

1. Aircraft Pilot – Captain

Company: Gogo Commercial Aviation

Rating: 3.5

Location: Sugar Grove, IL

Estimated Salary: $77k-84k

According to a 2016 study from Tinder, Pilot is the number one most desirable position for men. Add to that a handsome salary and the fact that you can whisk your paramour away to romantic locales at a moment’s notice, and your dating future is looking bright.

2. Physical Therapist

Company: Concentra

Rating: 3.1

Location: Houston, TX

Estimated Salary: $83k-$110k

The same study found that female Physical Therapists were more likely to get right swipes than any other position (it also made our list of the 50 Best Jobs in America!). Whether you encounter a potential partner with a broken leg or a broken heart, rest assured — your rehabilitation skills will come in handy.

3. Communications Manager

Company: Deloitte

Rating: 3.8

Location: Atlanta, GA

Estimated Salary: $69k-$103k

If there’s one thing that can make or break a relationship, it’s communication — figuring out what you want to say and then communicating it appropriately are key pillars of a healthy relationship. As a Communications Manager, you’ll naturally hone this skill with all the time you’ll spend crafting and executing the perfect messaging geared towards customers, media and other companies. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

4. Senior Director, Sustainability Engagement

Company: Mars

Rating: 4.0

Location: McLean, VA

Estimated Salary: $172k-$295k

It’s often said that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach — and if that’s the case, working at a company well-known for making candy like Dove Chocolate, Snickers and Twix might just be the key to taking your love life to the next level. Just drop off an assortment of your company’s legendary confections on your crush’s doorstep and watch them swoon.

5. Senior Director, Marketing Analytics

Company: Match

Rating: 3.9

Location: Dallas, TX

Estimated Salary: $175k-$243k

What better way to find your soulmate than working for a company that helps “hundreds of thousands of people find love” each year? As a Senior Director of Marketing Analytics, you’ll be able to get an insider’s look at what works and what doesn’t. Any way you look at the numbers, they add up to one huge opportunity for your love life.

6. Director, IT Quality & Assurance

Company: L’Oréal

Rating: 3.6

Location: New York, NY

Estimated Salary: $101k

With no shortage of scenic parks, charming neighborhoods and cozy restaurants, New York City is in itself a hub for romance. But L’Oréal is based in Paris, the love capital of the world, which ups the ante even further. If you can convince your boss to let you travel to HQ a few times a year, you may be able to kiss your days of singledom goodbye.

7. User Experience Architect

Company: Lyons Consulting Group

Rating: 4.4

Location: Chicago, IL

Estimated Salary: $95k-$139k

If you’re going to start a relationship, work-life balance is a must — nobody wants to go out with someone who keeps canceling dinner dates because of last-minute work emergencies. Fortunately, User Experience Architect offers the perfect combination of a high-paying salary with a reasonable workload. In fact, it came in second on our list of the 29 Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance. Less time spent at the office equals more time to spend with your sweetie.

8. General Manager, Vineyard Operations

Company: The Wonderful Company

Rating: 3.3

Location: Paso Robles, CA

Estimated Salary: $69k-$115k

Nothing signals romance quite like a bottle of wine. As General Manager of Vineyard Operations, you can use your knowledge of vintages, terroir and varietals — as well as a few samples of your work — to woo the apple (or should we say grape?) of your eye.

9. Software Engineer

Company: Nike

Rating: 4.0

Location: Beaverton, OR

Estimated Salary: $83k-$119k

Being in a good place, both physically and mentally, is key to a healthy relationship. And at Nike, you’ll have everything you need to achieve 360-degree wellness. The company offers a beautiful, sprawling gym in their Beaverton headquarters complete with running trails, a soccer field and an Olympic-sized pool, in addition to serious discounts on athletic gear and even services like yoga and acupuncture.

10. Human Resources Manager

Company: Credit Acceptance

Rating: 4.5

Location: Henderson, NV

Estimated Salary: $85k-$132k

Nearly every skill you’ll gain as a Human Resources Manager will help you in your personal relationships: conflict mediation, active listening, having difficult conversations… the list goes on. As a bonus, HR Manager made it to the top 10 of our Best Jobs in America. With a fulfilling love life, amazing career and solid paycheck, what more could you want?

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11. Store Director

Company: Tiffany & Co.

Rating: 3.1

Location: Natick, MA

Estimated Salary: $80k-$121k

Have negative experiences in the past led to you all but giving up on relationships? We’ve got the remedy. A few weeks as a Store Director at Tiffany & Co. watching couples excitedly picking out engagement/wedding rings and planning for their happily-ever-afters will restore your faith in true love. And with a hefty salary plus store discounts, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect ring when it comes time for you to pop the question.


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