Glassdoor Recognized as San Francisco Bay Area Leader in Gender Pay Equality

Today Glassdoor is thrilled to be recognized as one of 10 San Francisco Bay Area employers leading the charge for gender equality at the 2017 Gender Equality Challenge Forum: Accelerating Leadership through Action, a day-long forum put on by the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, Bay Area Council, and Friends of the Commission on the Status of Women.

The forum brings together business and civic leaders to showcase model workplace practices to advance gender equality, including Glassdoor’s Annual Employee Pay Analysis. Presented by Dawn Lyon, Glassdoor’s chief equal pay advocate and head of corporate affairs, the Annual Employee Pay Analysis provides insight into Glassdoor’s pay data by gender and offers actionable advice and tactics for employers to analyze their own pay data in order to close any existing gaps.

Using an algorithm developed by Glassdoor chief economist, Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, in June 2016 Glassdoor released the analysis of its own gender pay gap, finding a roughly 20 percent unadjusted pay gap among its employees. Upon controlling for various factors including age, job seniority level, job title, and even performance, that gap disappears when comparing similar workers.

We’ve made the commitment through the White House Pay Equality Pledge to conduct a pay analysis at least once a year — and more than 100 employers have joined the pledge since June. While analyzing the data is just the first step in closing the pay gap, it’s one of the most important. Many employers don’t know where to start when it comes to running their own analysis, which makes it challenging to take any action to equalize pay.

Part of Glassdoor’s model practice presented today are the tools employers need to not only analyze their own data, but also how to show their workforce — and potential candidates — they take eliminating the gender pay gap seriously.

Learn more about Glassdoor’s flexible algorithm in a post by Chamberlain, detailing the standard regression model he used to study our gap. This algorithm can be easily applied to any payroll data and studied by a data analyst in or outside of the company. Email to access to the algorithm.

Beyond understanding the data, Glassdoor’s platform also offers employers interested in promoting their equitable pay practices as part of their employer brand to take the Pay Equality Pledge on Glassdoor, indicating a corporate commitment to pay employees equitably for equal work and experience. More than 2,800 employers have already done so. And, check out Know Your Worth, a new resource from Glassdoor that estimates an individual’s market value based on his or her current job, relevant work experience and the local job market. An employer’s guide to navigating this tool can be found here.

We are excited to be recognized today for our work done around gender equality and to help level the playing field for women and men. We know the work isn’t done, and look forward to continuing our commitments throughout the next year and beyond.


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January 27, 2017 at 12:58PM


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